Welcome to my personal journey into becoming a Saskatchewan educator!

“An education is not so much as making a living as making a person.”

-Tara Westover

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Indigenous Governance- NAT10

Written by Sequoia Abbott-Saulteaux This lesson plan was made while I was interning at Scott Collegiate in Regina’s north-central neighbourhood. The students from this school have such a special place in my heart, and I’m sure that I am going to remember them for a long time. The great thing about this lesson is the opportunity for students to see their own cultures and family history. By allowing students to choose which group they are interested in reading, they become more independent learners. During this lesson, I had a student who stated some […]

My Journey Towards Understanding Digital Citizenship: #edtc’s Final Summary Video!

I am so excited to share my final summary video for my #edtc 300 course! This has been such a great semester, even through the challenges of distance learning and the global pandemic. I have been able to connect with others in this course more so than I have in some in person classes! I will definitely be taking these lessons that I’ve learning with me into my future career as an educator. I feel like this course is more relevant than ever, as we embrace technology for good and for bad! For […]

In Love with Crochet: Final #LearningProject Post!

Written by Sequoia Abbott-Saulteaux I almost can’t believe we’re here! The very last (official) #LearningProject blog post! For this blog, I decided to make another video summarizing some of my progress with Crocheting. I incorporated some videos clips from the middle of the semester to better highlight the progress of my skills. For the video, I focused on my Bernat Braided Blanket and the Llama-No-Drama pattern both from Yarnspirations. I wanted to make a video mainly to show how much better, and faster, my stitches are now. Let me know how you like […]


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