Reflections in the Field

Field Experience:

My second time at Henry Braun Elementary School was on October 17th 2018. I was really excited to get back into the school as I was not feeling as nervous as the first time. I went straight into Mr. Carteri’s class and greeted her and my partner. Mrs. Carteri had a great personal set up for the classroom, she had her own Keurig machine and a mini fridge behind her desk. I am definitely going to own coffee machine when I get my own classroom,     I can see that being very useful when you’re in the classroom early and late in the day.

We chatted about parents before the students came in, and the professional relationship you must share with them. It was amusing to hear Mrs. Carteri talk about some of the more difficult parents she has had, ‘there’s always one a year’ she laughed. She warned us about parents who we might encounter through our carers, some who were very involved, some who paid little attention to their children, some who demanded explanations for their child, and some who ended up not being allowed to care for their children anymore. It made me aware of just how difficult it can be to form close relationships with parents, but also how rewarding it can be.

Henry Braun itself is a large and well-designed building. There is a playground at the side, cased in with a chain link fence. The students volunteer as cross-guards before and after school, as well as lunch. The volunteers are given highly visible vests and help other students safely get around the outside of the school. The front on the school is in the middle of a construction project, leaving it covered with another bright orange chain-link fence. I asked our EA what was being done to the school, she said she was not sure but that they have been in the process for at least a couple of months. The surrounding community is inviting, and comforting. Walking up to the school, you see children helping and playing with other children. It is in a more middle-class neighborhood, and the children look well taken care of and happy.

One of the ways that the school is attempting to connect with the community is with a food drive. When I walked throughout the school, there was a wall with brown bags of food going down the hallway. By the wall were posters for the FCC Drive Away Hunger campaign, with a list of appropriate food items to donate. Along with the students bringing in food for others, there was also a number of them that brought in thank you notes. This was an amazing way to connect and help out the community while providing a caring touch with the letters written by students.

Altogether it was another fulfilling day at Henry Braun, and I feel like I learn more of what it is to be a teacher and part of the education community every time I am there. The students are great, and the community itself is very welcoming and friendly. I am really glad that I got to experience participate being in a Regina elementary school for the first time here.


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