EDTC 300

Introduction to Educational Technologies and Media

This course examines the use of technology and media in teaching and learning as well as the transformative effects that emerging digital tools/networks have on school and society. The course provides an experiential approach to learning about technology integration while helping students critically reflect on the implications of our digital reality. Students will take a hands-on approach in exploring the thoughtful and appropriate integration of technology and media in PK-12 learning environments. Students will learn to use new and emerging technology tools, explore and critique emerging forms of media, and engage in innovative pedagogies appropriate for learning in the digital age. Social learning, especially that which is mediated through technology, is a course focus. Through the use of distributed connections between peers and other trusted educators, students will come to better understand the power of networks for problem-solving, resource-sharing, critical thinking, and personal learning. The skills and connections gained from this course will allow students to better understand technology integration in education, and become better equipped to
critically interpret contemporary issues in schools that are in part a result of emerging technologies and societal trends.

Dr. Katia Hildebrant
Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash


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