Learning Patience from a Crochet Hook

Written by Sequoia Abbott-Saulteaux

Welcome to my introduction #LearningProject blog!

Bernat Blanket Yarn in Olive Sea

While 2020 was not the best year for a lot of people by a long shot, I found that my year was for the most part, uneventful. I remember spending a lot of time inside and trying to find more productive ways to spend my time than just playing Nintendo games. I tried to pick up a number of habits including beading, painting, and bullet journal calendars but I never managed to spend more than a couple of hours a week on anything.

That is, until I decided to try crocheting. While I had next to no background knowledge in anything knitting related, I had learned how to tie a couple of different knots at my old job as a camp counsellor. Surprisingly, I found out that when I went searching online there was a seeming unending supply of crocheting resources and videos if you know where to look.

In December I started making my first ever project, a twisted braid throw blanket from a pattern that I found on Yarnspirations. While the project started slowly, I enjoyed having something to do with my hands, and focusing on something for so long helped me clear my mind on those stressful days. Even though it was a long process, I felt a growing sense of accomplishment as I watched the blanket slowly build. I was only about a few rows in when the holidays ended and the hustle of regular University classes and working part time left my schedule pretty full. I found myself crocheting less and less until I joined an #EDTC300 course about senior educational technology.

Progress on Braided Blanket

In Introduction to Educational Technology and Media, I was introduced to the topic of the #LearningProject. This project involves us choosing something significant to learn through online resources such as videos, podcasts, text resources and anything else we could find. We got to pick out whatever skill we wanted to teach ourselves and I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to expand on my crocheting skills with learning different stiches and making yarn crafts! I searched through pages of yarnspiration patterns until I found the perfect one, a 15″ Llama-No-Drama. Unfortunately, with the pandemic and shipping issues at the time of this writing I have not been able to get all of the yarn that I wanted. Like fate is laughing, the only colour on backorder was the cream base of the Llama which I have not been able to find anything remotely close locally. While I wait for another shipment of yarn, I decided to start another mini project, Rocco the Raccoon from Crochet Now UK.

I intend to post weekly, and you can expect more yarn resources, tips, and even videos while I teach myself different stiches, how to make yarn crafts, how to read patterns, and various other crocheting related. Please feel free to follow me on my journey into crocheting and yarn craft, and keep updated on my social medias!



  1. A truly inspirational and fabulous story about leaning a new skill, tapping into creativity and curiosity, and discovering a new soothing and joyful passion! Bravo Sequoia! I look forward to hearing more about your Croquette journey! 💗

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  2. Hi Sequoia! It’s great that you found a learning project that you have such passion for! I am excited to see how your final project turns out and to read about how much you’re learning.

    Good luck!

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  3. Hey Sequoia! I’m Jesse from the EDTC 400 course and I’ll be your mentor for the semester! I loved the learning project and I can tell that you already have a passion for it! Keep it up! I love the braided blanket and I can’t wait to see your progress 🙂

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    • Hello Jesse!
      Its great to be working with you! I hope we both have a productive semester, and thank you for checking in with my blog! I also can’t wait for the finishing product and I will be sure to post about it in the upcoming months!

      Keep in touch!


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