Yarngistics: The logistics of the Craft

Written by Sequoia Abbott-Saulteaux

Cuddly Chenille in Cornstalk by Loops and Threads

Welcome back to my weekly #LearningProject blog where I teach myself all of the tricks for crocheting! I’ve had a busier week than usually, as me and my partner just moved in together in a new town house. Moving is never great in a Saskatchewan winter, especially during a global pandemic but since no one else was moving it made the situation a little easier! Now that we are more unpacked, I realised that I didn’t get enough crocheting done as I had planned. Nevertheless, I thought that I could make an information post about what I’ve learned so far, and it doesn’t hurt that I can come back to this blog when I need a organized reminder of whatever yarn related issues I’ve forgotten! This week I thought that I would get back into the basics, and give up all of my information that I found while searching online, in stores, and everywhere else!

All About Yarn

Yarn GaugeCommon NamesRecommend Hook
0- LaceThread, Cobweb, Lace, Light Fingering1.40 mm- 2.25 mm
1- Super FineFingering2.25 mm- 3.5 mm
2- FineSport3 – 4 mm
3- LightDK3.5 mm- 5 mm
4- MediumWorsted, Aran4 – 6 mm
5- BulkyBulky5.5 mm – 9 mm
6- Super BulkySuper Bulky9 mm – 15 mm
7- JumboChunky, Jumbo 15 mm +
Information taken from https://www.dontbesuchasquare.com/yarn-weight-conversion-chart/

I would recommend for beginners (speaking from personal experience) that you start off with a larger gauge yarn. The ultra thick Jumbo can be hard to work with because it gets so thick and fluffy that it can be hard to see through, but in the 5-6 mark the yarn is big enough that it is easy to see without being too big that it hides itself. With the thin yarn, it takes more patience and delicance. The yarn makes beautiful patterns that are perfect for displaying crocheting craftsmanship but it is also very unforgiving to mistakes, as they are easy to see and harder to retrace. I also like the thicker yarn because it builds up fast and leaves you with a nice fluffy base, perfect for blankets, pillows, and warm hats. When it comes to yarn, since I am still a beginner I’ve really only tried a couple of brands; Bernat, Loops and Threads, Red Heart. So far, I’ve liked all of them with an preference to Berant granted though I don’t know enough about yarn to be able to criticize them, I just like the feel and colour selection mostly.

Hooked with Crochet

I got my first pair of crochet hooks from Michaels, a 6 pack of Loops and Threads Anodized Crochet hooks in E-J for $10.99. I quickly realised after that the yarn I brought was thicker and needed a larger gage hook then the ones I had. After a second trip to Michaels, I got the Plastic Crochet Hook Set in L-P for $17.99. The crochet hooks I would give a solid 5 out of 10: they get the job done, look pretty nice, are fairly cheap, but they are bring hand cramps if you use them too long, you can’t use them with any kind of lotions, and they feel a little awkward in the hands. After a lot of debate, I decided to purchase the Armour Clove Crochet Hook in 8mm for $12.99, since the majority of yarn that I use is bulky. When I first bought the hook, I didn’t understand the difference between a cheap hook and a more expensive one but now I can shout it from the rooftops. It is almost unbelievable how light and easy the Armour Clove hook is to use, it makes projects go by a lot faster and is a lot easier on my hands. After this semester is over, I might even have to treat myself with the Clover Armour Crochet Hook Set for $99.99. Let’s hope for success with this #LearningProject and my last semester in University!

Yarn Resources

I have found so many helpful resources for crocheting online that it is unbelievable! When I first started, I thought that I would mainly be teaching myself through YouTube, and while I have found some amazing videos on there I had no idea that blog posts and social media would become so important to my process! For YouTube, I really like following a couple of different channels are seeing what there is out there, I really like Crochet with Yarnhild, Bella CoCo, and The Crochet Crowd.

Other social media includes Reddit’s R/Crochet and Yarnspirations Crochet Patterns Page. When I first started learning I had no idea how much I would love both of these websites, and I can’t understate their importance since I have gotten 100% of my crochet patterns from both of these websites. I really like R/Crochet because it is such an active community with over 215K members and thus never lacking in the inspiration department. There is always someone posting completed projects, works in progress, yarn tips, and other great resources. Yarnspirations crochet pattern page is also very useful because you can filter the patterns to your liking including; skill level, project type, brand, pattern category and more! I honestly visit both of these sites multiple times a week because there is always something new, and it makes me want to never stop crocheting.

Keep updated for more #LearningProject blogs and hopefully I will have more updated progress to show you!



  1. Sequoia, this is a wonderful description with helpful tips and resources to get one started! How exciting! I can hear your passion and joy in your words for this new love of crochet! 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sequoia,
    I love how many different resources you are using to learn more about crocheting! It is so awesome that we live in a time period in which we have access to so many different resources right at our fingertips. I think this learning project is making me realize that I should maybe spend less time looking on Instagram at memes and more time learning new skills. It is great to see all the work you have put in so far, and I hope at the end of this semester you treat yourself to those fancy crochet hooks! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Trista!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond to my post!
      I can’t underestimate just how many resources there are out there online, I almost felt overwhelmed at time! Hopefully this blog will help narrow down the options. I know exactly what you mean about the browsing also, I found that after picking up crocheting it helps me do something with my hands while focusing on other things! I will make sure to keep the blog updated if I do end up getting those extra hooks as well!



  3. Hello Sequoia! I love this project idea, one of my friends has gotten into crocheting this past year and she has made me some cool things like a crop top, a drink koozie, and a cute winter headband thing! I am excited to what all your creations will be!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Kassia!
      Thank you for the encouragement, your friend sounds so creative. I hope to be able to branch out a little more as the semester goes on, right now I’m mainly focusing on blanket and amigurumi, but my blanket is almost done so that winter headband does sound intriguing!



    • Hello Jesse,
      Thank you for your comment! I tried to make this post as beginner friendly as possible (since I am also a beginner) so I’m glad that it showed through the post! Thanks for your kind words, and I hope to not disappoint with my crafts lol!



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