How are my Stitches? Showing my Progress with Adobe Spark

Written by Sequoia Abbott-Saulteaux

Hello and welcome back to my weekly #LearningProject blog post!

Since it is already halfway through the semester, I wanted to dedicate this blog post to the progress that I have made so far crocheting. I am also trying to be more technologically literate, so I decided to try to use Adobe Spark for the very first time. Feel free to click the link below to check out my yarn progress! I used Bernat Blanket yarn with Yarnspirations Braided Blanket Pattern and Cuddly Chenille by Loops and Threads. #Learning Project

Believe it or not, I have actually had zero experience with Adobe Spark before this week. I’m not even sure if I would be able to explain to you what it was before this semester. I remember making power-point after power-point in High School and I never even really stopped to consider that there could be another way. Of course, it is easy to get used to what you believe is “commons sense”, however, you can be missing a whole world out there! I have been introduced to so much new technology in my #edtc300 class that it would be selfish to hoard it all to myself. So let me tell you all about Adobe Spark!

Like power-point, Adobe Spark is a presentation making tool that allows customization from the user to showcase different videos and images. Spark allows options such as adding pictures, text, buttons, video, photo grids, glideshows, and split layouts. I like the options to add different photos, as well as layer them into the presentation in different ways. You could make the picture the size of the whole screen or as a media image that includes text. However, not all of the options were very user-freindly as the button option only allows you to link to a website. I did appreciate all of the different themes that Adobe Spark offered but there was not much variety compared to some other presentation making tools such as power-point.

Another thing that I really enjoyed about Adobe Spark is the options for text boxes. While the primary focus of the program is videos and images, Spark does have lots of options for writing. I appreciated the different “Heading” options and the style of fonts that were offered.

The one thing that I would complain about, and I’m not sure if this is entirely Adobe Spark’s fault, was embedding my finished product into WordPress. After trying multiple different times, I ended up going to my good friend YouTube, who offered my the video below to help me with my dilemma. Eventually after troubleshooting multiple different ways, I was finally able to embed the presentation by editing my post through the old WordPress editor instead of the block editor.

Overall, I would recommend Adobe Spark for presentation needs, but I would not say that it is the best tool out there to communicate information. I wish there was a way to imbed audio into the presentation without having to make a whole video. I wish there was an easier way to share, and embed finished presentations. I would give it a 6 out of 10.



  1. Hi Sequoia!

    I have personally never used Adobe Spark but I have heard many things about it! It’s unfortunate that it didn’t fully work out for you and what you had wanted! I hope that with your progress you will have time to experiment with other apps to try to meet your goals! Can’t wait to see next week’s update!


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    • Hello Paige!
      Although I did find Adobe Spark not perfect for this specific project, and I did overall enjoy using it! I would say that it was useful but did not overall add to my presentation. I’m hoping to keep trying out new projects and platforms through this semester though! Thank you for reading!



  2. Great review Sequoia! It is fabulous to see all your crocheting projects and progress- showcased in a variety of ways. The Adobe Spark blog looked tricky to navigate, however one wouldn’t have been able to see any of this behind the scenes struggle in the finished product. To me – it appeared super polished and inspiring! Well done!🌻

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    • Hello Jesse!
      I have also heard of Adobe Spark before this week, but I did like the change of pace from using just powerpoint from everything! While not the best for this project, I did overall enjoy the platform! Thanks for your comment!



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