Llama-A-Little-Drama: Trying Crochet Amigurumi

Written by Sequoia Abbott-Saulteaux

Leon the Llama

Introduction to the World of Amigurumi

Building Leon a Head and Neck

For this (big) guy, I used Yarnspiration’s Llama-No-Drama Patten with Red Hearts with Love in Bubblegum. This was my very first amigurumi project and while it has not been an easy task, I think that the end project will be well worth the effort. This week I focused on building Leon the Llama a head and neck, which took a surprising amount of time and effort.

While the yarn recommends a 5.5mm crochet hook, the pattern called for a smaller 3.75mm hook. This is because the smaller hook will create tighter stitches. The tighter stitches allow the project to hold its shape better and keep the stuffing inside. However, tighter stitches can also be harder to see. While it was harder at first, after a while I did get more used to crocheting tighter and Leon started to take shape.

The most time-consuming part of this portion was definitely the fur rows. Most of Leon’s face was made with just single crochet’s and a bit of yarn embroidery but his fur included three different stitches (a chain of ten slip stitches connected with a single crochet in the front loop only, then a single crochet in the back loop only, then finally a single crochet over both loops). While it did take a lot of effort, I think that the fur really brings him to life and emphasizess his Llama fluffiness. I bought a 50 pack of his 15mm safety eyes from Amazon for $12.99 which snap at the back and will hopefully never move!

Starting his HeadBuilding the First Row of FurThe Fur is Made of 3 Separate Stitches
Starting his HeadBuilding the First Row of FurThe Fur is Made of 3 Separate Stitches
Giving Leon EyesCrocheting his Head Giving him a Nose
Giving Leon EyesCrocheting his HeadGiving him a Nose

Finding Help Online

Leon the Llama got easier to work with the more that I worked on him, but at first, there were a lot of things that I didn’t understand. I remember printing the pattern off Yarnspirations website and feeling more intimidated the longer that I started at the page. After debating how I should tackle this project I decided to jump online and see if there was any advice for a novice amigurumi crocheter like myself.

The first website that I jumped onto was YouTube where I found the Yarnspiration page along with a playlist of step-by-step instructions for this exact pattern! I found the YouTube video was really great for understanding parts of the pattern that I didn’t understand but it was also very fast so I had to frequently pause and found myself referring more to the printed pattern as my understanding increased.

The second website that I went to was Reddit’s r/Crochet which was great for connecting with other crocheters. You can connect with others by making a text post (explaining your problem, or maybe sharing news of yarn sales) or by posting pictures of crochet projects! I happened to find a post from a user that just finished working on this same pattern so I was able to ask for advice in the comment section. The great thing about commenting is that other users can also contribute to the conversation so I had someone else recommend the same YouTube tutorials that I was already watching!

Big picture
Big picture

Feel free to check out the Smore Newsletter that I made for this blog!



    • Hi Jesse!
      Honestly I didn’t really think of Reddit at first either and was really surprised by the amount of resources and groups there are on crocheting! I find it really good for special interests (if it is at least semi-popular). Thank you for your comment!



  1. Hey Sequoia,

    It is really cool that you used Reddit for your learning project this week! I am a big fan of Reddit. It is the only social media (besides Twitter for this class) that I use, and it has been that way for years. I have also used Reddit for my cooking learning project. It really is a handy site; there seems to be a subreddit for everything!

    Good luck with the rest of your project!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Branden!
      I have actually only been on Reddit for about a year (just had my first cake day!) but I am so impressed by the sheer amount of resources and supportive networks on there! I really agree with you that it is a very handy site! Thanks for your comment!



  2. Sequoia, Leon the Llama is my most favourite crochet projects you have created thus far!. He is so cute!!!! Thank you for the step by step guide of how you learnt to navigate this new project challenge. I love how you reach out for new and extra support and resources when you are stuck.
    So very awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wowzers!!! You are one talented chicky. I have a love/hate relationship with amigurumi. You did an absolutely fantastic job for your first ami project!! You’re miles ahead of the game… And you’re so speedy! Always onto new things each week, meanwhile I’m stuck on the same sweater from months and months ago. Ah, the life of being a student. I’ve got a question for you! Out of all of the yarns you’ve tried so far, which has been your favourite? Do you have a favourite yarn weight? I tend to gravitate towards worsted #4 weight yarn the most since it’s so versatile. I’m curious as to what your thoughts are! You’ve been using lots of yarns that I have never tried before, so I’m wondering how you feel about them! Can’t wait to see what you make next. -Haley

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Haley!!
      Thank you so much! Complete honesty, I did try the pattern much earlier in the semester but it didn’t turn out quite as I wanted so I put it aside for a little while. I found that after practicing my basic stitches with other pattern for several weeks, I was much more ready to tackle this pattern! Definitely don’t feel bad, I have heard that wearables (especially sweaters) are very time consuming but I hope to be able to tackle one eventually!
      As for your question, I think that I do end up using worsted for a lot of my projects! I am currently using a super chunky #6 for a blanket that I’m also working on at the moment, but I think I like the #4 better for amigurumi, dishcloths, and patterns I’ve tried. Once again, thank you for your kind words!



  4. Hi Sequoia!

    Your llama is soooo cute! I love how he turned out and I could only imagine the time spent on making him as it is so meticulously made. I love the colour choice and the little fur that comes out of the head! You did a great job and I can’t wait to see what else you make!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Paige!
      Thank you so much!! I am really liking how he is turning out so far. He is taking a little longer than expected since he is also bigger than I thought! I really am glad that you can see the effort into him, thank you for your comment!



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