In Love with Crochet: Final #LearningProject Post!

Written by Sequoia Abbott-Saulteaux

I almost can’t believe we’re here! The very last (official) #LearningProject blog post!

For this blog, I decided to make another video summarizing some of my progress with Crocheting. I incorporated some videos clips from the middle of the semester to better highlight the progress of my skills. For the video, I focused on my Bernat Braided Blanket and the Llama-No-Drama pattern both from Yarnspirations. I wanted to make a video mainly to show how much better, and faster, my stitches are now. Let me know how you like the video down below!

#LearningProject Summary Video

Leon the Llama!

Leon the Llama is coming along nicely with his head and body now completely finished. I was worried about the sewing portion before I started, but thankfully I found a YouTube video from The Crochet Crowd titled, “Crochet Llama Stitch Along: Finishing Tips for Stuffing“. The video had some great tips such as using a different coloured yarn as a “stitch marker” to in four places to mark the position of the head and the body while sewing. Overall, I actually did end up enjoying the sewing portion, and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought since you only had to sew one stitch per crochet stitch (or 32 stitches around his neck).

I am so excited to be almost done Leon, and I feel like he is becoming cuter with each new piece added to him. I still promise to provide an update when I am done, hopefully sometime within the next month (or so). I am so happy that I decided to tackle something challenging like Leon, since I feel like my days of making amigurumi are just beginning.

Braided Blanket!

I am also so happy to announce that I am almost done my Bernart braided blanket that I have been working on since day one. I just have a few more rows left with a little less than half a skein (the eighth and final skein), and then to decide whether I want to add tassels or a border. I’m honestly learning more towards the border even though the pattern calls for tassels. I feel like tassels might be more of a hassle than anything but I also need to figure out how to do a straight border with the uneven ends (due to the braids). I can also provide an update along with Leon since I will be done this blanket looong before I finish Leon.

Shout Out Towards Tech Resources!

YouTube: 10/10: I found almost everything that I was looking for and more when it comes to crochet resources. It was a great reference towards starting out and figuring out how to hold my hands, how to hold the yarn… ect. AND FREE. This is a great place to find patterns, tutorials, and more for completely free!

r/Crochet: 8/10: This was a really great place to find specialized advice, and find craft ideas. The OP (original poster) is not always super helpful, but the comment sections are always good for some solid advice. I found so many great patterns there, though you may have to pay for most, it does go towards a hard worker yarn crafter.

Facebook: 7/10: This platform has some great yarn craft groups but you do have to go looking because there is an extreme oversaturation in yarn groups. It can be kind of hard to find which ones are the best which is why this resource is not marked higher. If you are looking for new content, this is a great place as there is always something new being posted.

Yarnspirations: 5/10: This website has lots of free patterns, of varying degrees of sophistication. Some of the patterns need some tweaks here and there, but the comment sections are usually full of tips and tricks.

Have you ever thought about teaching yourself a skill/craft online? Have you ever used tools to teach yourself something online?


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