My Journey Towards Understanding Digital Citizenship: #edtc’s Final Summary Video!

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

I am so excited to share my final summary video for my #edtc 300 course! This has been such a great semester, even through the challenges of distance learning and the global pandemic. I have been able to connect with others in this course more so than I have in some in person classes! I will definitely be taking these lessons that I’ve learning with me into my future career as an educator. I feel like this course is more relevant than ever, as we embrace technology for good and for bad!

For this blog post I decided to make a VideoScribe animated video through a free account. I ended up actually really liking the platform, as I feel most free trials don’t allow videos to go over five minutes and I have no problem with that on this platform. I really liked how I could emphasize the main ideas of my presentation through animations (and they had a wide variety of options). I ended up downloaded the free app to work on my video, since I did enjoy it I thought that I might be able to incorporate it into future presentations.

Final Summary Video

What kind of platforms do you use to record presentations?


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  1. Sequoia, congratulations on finishing up this class, and your final semester of classes. I have enjoyed following your educational journey, and I feel like you have invested so much time, care and attentiveness to these important topics you have been discussing throughout your posts. Bravo!


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