Diversity and Differences in the Classroom

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Field Experience:

My fifth time at Henry Braun was on November 14th 2018. This week I was once again focused on diversity and differences in the classroom. Diversity is a concept that can be difficult to grasp in a classroom setting. How can we teach our students what the need in the curriculum while also honouring all of the differences that will appear? There are big steps an educator can make to celebrate our diversity, but there also numerous small steps one can take. While exploring diversity it can be easy to become discouraged while looking at the big picture. Luckily, small steps are required first before we can achieve the big picture.

Celebrating diversity can be as easy as allowing students to relish in their differences. Students are all individuals, with separate personalities, goals, and fears. One step that an educator can take while still holding up the curriculum can be allowing students to pic topics that interest them and their values. For example, when Mrs. Carteri was planning a lesson on health studies, she allowed the students to pick a disease that runs in their families and decorate a poster. This was a way of celebrating differences within the families while also educating others and allowing the students to creatively express themselves.

Another feature of diversity in the classroom is seen with the bulletin boards around the classroom. Mrs. Carteri got all of the students to write down their goals and happy moments for each month and posted them on the board. This was a great way to see the different personalities and goals of each student and celebrate their differences. Each student is a separate individual, and that is a great thing.


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